Born in 1979 in Gruenstadt, Steve had his first magic experience at the age of 9 years, when he got a magic kit as christmas present. This magic kit thrilled him so much, that he played with it for a long time.

After a break of serveral years the love of the art of magic arose again, after he had the pleasure to see a show of David Copperfield in television. Copperfields special way of presenting the magic to the audience amazed Steve and since that time he never lost the interest in magic.

- In September 1998 Steve Hochdoerfer was elected as a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

- In May 2000 the Linking Ring maganzine published his first magic trick description (Jumpin` Signature).

- In February 2001 he was elected as a junior member of the M.Z.v.D (the german magic circle).

- In November 2004 he passed the M.Z.v.D exams with a score of 101 from 120 possible points.